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We at Palato Frosty’s believe that food has to be both appealing to the eyes and palate and we are committed to perfecting every element of the products on our menu. The range of pastries and cakes on our menu are made using a carefully curated range of the finest ingredients, among which chocolates we use are the best couverture chocolate brands in the industry. No artificial preservatives or flavours are used. We are committed to creating cakes and pastries that embodies a true gastronomical experience rather than one dimensional products.

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We started out as home bakery in 2013 with a limited range of products, namely cupcakes. And our love for pastry only deepened with time as we explored the world of techniques and ingredients that does justice to the amount of love and degree of commitment we have for making pastry and confections that are both pleasing to the palate and the eyes. And with a more sophisticated range of products we opened our cafe in 2018.

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At Palato Frosty’s we believe that pastry is a form of art through which love is expressed. We are a patisserie that established in 2017 that specializes in handcrafting celebratory cakes and pastries that are always freshly from scratch. All our products are hand-crafted, with a great amount of love by our very passionate and dedicated team. We are committed to using only the finest and freshest ingredients to deliver quality in the end products we serve. We are best known for our sophisticated chocolate cakes and signature waffles that were created with a finely curated couverture range of chocolates. Our chocolate coated waffles that has become synonymous with excellence are a local hit.

Chocolate Smitten: Palato Frosty's

"Walking into Palato Frosty’s we were struck by their rustic ambiance and minimal décor. There were potted plants hanging from the ceiling, a little corner for books, a sign by the bar that read “if coffee and chocolate can’t fix it, you really have a problem,” a sign that put forth their specialty in coffee and chocolate."

Palato Frosty's; A Haven for Chocolate Aficionados

"Palato Frosty’s is a rustic and cosy little café that greets its customer’s with mouth-watering treats displayed in counters and cake stands, a tempting preview of what to expect. With wooden furniture and décor giving it a warm feeling, and hanging plants and light bulbs that descend from the ceiling, Palato Frosty’s has a welcoming feel to it."